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The challenge

Pension Companies have always had the challenging task of encouraging and educating young people to learn more about the way the pension funds work; to motivate them to update their personal info and stay in touch with all the benefits they offer…of course, once the time for retirement arrives. 

Inspired by the Pension Companies’ initiative to become more environmentally friendly, we decided on a different approach compared to their earlier, educational one, and aligned our campaign with their goals for a greener and cleaner future. Our focus was the environment, as well as corporate social responsibility, and we wanted our target audience to help us recognize the issues and find ways to solve them. 

First on the do-to list was:  

Redesigning and completely changing the concept of’s official website; a website that the Pension companies use to educate and communicate with their target audience.  

The primary focus was our contact form, where we asked users and our younger audience to “plant” their wish for a greener future. And of all the wishes that were made, there was one wish that kept repeating – a wish to plant more trees and create more parks. 

Trees Planted
Students Involved

A story of eight pension parks…. 


Their wishes planted the seed for our new campaign that went beyond digital and beyond just education. We announced it with a video spot that told the story of a girl’s coming of age and her unending love for trees and a wish to create a park; a wish that ultimately comes true on her 18th birthday, as her parents were preparing and creating the park her whole life.  

 This gave life to the concept which in less than a year was followed by a series of activities of creating 8 pension parks and planting more than 120 trees in high schools around the country.