The Unveiling of a Journey

Pension Funds, often a realm of mystery for the public. Why are they here? How do they work? Why are they so important to us? This is where we stepped in, orchestrating daily campaigns and tailor-made initiatives for Sava Penzisko, a pioneering Private Pension company in Macedonia.

Nurturing Awareness, Shaping Choices

Ever come across the Green Envelope cradling the yearly client report? We made sure everyone did. Our eco-conscious campaigns encouraged opting for environmentally friendly mail options for these reports or embracing the Sava Penzisko mobile app. Every year, we curated two major campaigns, cementing our client's position as a market leader.

Embracing CSR   
Enter the CSR campaign “Azuriraj i Doniraj” (Update and Donate), a perpetual initiative. A beautiful cycle: Sava Penzisko donates for every client update on their online reports. Simple, impactful, and ongoing! 

Mixing Up the Marketing Potion

Our endeavors were exhaustive! From a bespoke landing page to a comprehensive communication strategy. We have created captivating key visuals. Inserted a strategic digital media blitz across channels. Engaged with influencers and the esteemed national women volleyball champions, OK Rabotnicki, in purposeful photo and video sessions. We had it all during the initial phase of this exciting initiative.
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Sustaining Momentum

Each campaign we launched was meticulously designed to lay the groundwork for enhanced financial and pension literacy. Our strategy? A judicious blend of marketing channels catering to diverse audiences, both in the digital realm and traditional avenues, setting a standard for future Sava Penzisko campaigns.

Let's write your next chapter of excellence together.

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