How everything happened

The theme of Pension Funds and how they function is often something that the public is not fully informed off. That’s where we step in with our day to day and custom campaign activities for one of the first Private Pension companies in Macedonia Sava Penzisko.

From raising awareness for the Green Envelope that contains the yearly client report, to eco-friendly campaigns focused on receiving that report via mail and promotion of the Sava Penzisko mobile app, from 2020 we created two major campaigns every year that fortified our client’s position as a market leader in its segment.  

Going CSR…
The last in line is the CSR campaign “Azuriraj i Doniraj” that will continue in the years to come and is focused on donation cycles from Sava Penzisko for every update of personal data and preferences on online reports that a client makes. 


The Marketing Mix…
Custom designed landing page, communication strategy, key visual, multichannel digital media buy, video and photo sessions with Influencers and the national women volleyball champions OK Rabotnicki were just part of our activities for the first phase of the successful launch of the initiative.  

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Continuing strong: 
All the campaigns we created were focused on setting the ground for further financial and pension education and raising the awareness about the importance of the timely investment in the private pension funds. We achieved that using a broad marketing mix of channels that targeted different target audiences online and offline and raised the bar for future Sava Penzisko campaigns.  

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