Piksel Cosmetics

For our 7th birthday, we created Piksel Cosmetics, a line of 7 self-care products that will help you overcome your quarantine. Whether you miss the spring outside, the smell of your favorite bar or simply your best friend’s hug, Piksel Cosmetics can help you with your withdrawal of your favorite things in life.

Ohridska Banka

Ohridska Banka AD Skopje is a universal banking institution with a wide range of banking services in the country and abroad.
Since 2019, Ohridska Banka AD Skopje is part of the Sparkasse Group. Steiermärkische Sparkasse Group is the largest provider of financial services in southern Austria.
The group serves about 700,000 customers at 233 locations in Styria, Austria, and Southeast Europe.


Balans+ is the first fermented probiotic dairy product on the Macedonian market and ideal source of minerals and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle.

Zito Marketi

Established in 1988 in Veles, Zito Marketi in the last three decades has grown in one of the biggest domestic market chains in Macedonia.

Synergy Fitness & Spa

Synergy Fitness & Spa is a modern sport center located near the Skopje Center. It opened in 2015 with top of the line exercise equipment and technology.


Medola.mk is a healthy way of living.

Mega Akustik

Mega and Akustik are two successful companies with more than 20 years of experience on the marker for construction materials and materials for interior design

Fokabo Fashion

Focabo is a company producing models of men’s apparel. In their modern store in GTC (City Mall of Skopje), besides the models of Fokabo, they sell high quality male apparel by other world brands.


Pandev LTD is a real estate investment firm with a paramount business experience in and out of Macedonia. One of the rare few, if not the only company that has invested in residential buildings in Germany.

Paul Kohli

Paul Kohli is a valued professional business model and actor that aims to meet the highest standards in brand placement into a comprehensive storytelling photo shoot. In a world of predominantly stereotypical male models, Paul Kohli stands out as a unique online brand of an actual businessman that’s not afraid to show his success, but, at the same time, is eager and willing to share his secrets with his followers and motivate them on their journey towards success.


DelCo Macedonia is a fully licensed provider of first class professional delivery and logistic services for the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia.