Celebrating 10 years

10 years of empowering people and
encouraging creativity.


Digital solution partner to help accelerate your company to Digital Maturity.

As your digital solution partner, we are dedicated to helping you achieve digital maturity – the state of effectively using digital technologies to drive business growth and innovation. We understand that each company is unique, so we take a customized approach to help you reach your digital goals.


Piksel’s mission is to grow together with like-minded clients and help them achieve digital maturity.

As a company focused on people, it is essential for us to promote personal growth and knowledge sharing, both in technical and soft skills, thus sharing what we learn with our business partners, learning from their best practices, and achieving mutual growth.

Our values

Work Life Balance

We strive to create an environment that allows for a healthy balance between work and personal life.


We approach every situation with empathy and understanding, prioritizing the needs and feelings of our colleagues and clients.

Passionate at work

We are passionate about our work, dedicated to achieving success and providing the best possible solutions.

No compromise with excellence and execution

We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions and executing them with precision and attention to detail.

Ensuring a culture of lifelong learning

We believe in creating a culture of continuous learning and development, both personally and professionally.

We share knowledge

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and expertise to drive innovation and growth.

We believe in long-term partnership

We value long-term partnerships with our clients and are committed to their success.

Trust and Respect/Dignity

We treat everyone with respect and dignity, fostering an environment of mutual respect and trust.

We are green & socially responsible

We believe in sustainability and are committed to being environmentally responsible, as well as contributing to the betterment of society and helping SMEs.

Out of the box thinkers

We are never satisfied with mediocre results and strive to change the status quo. We encourage innovative thinking, creativity, and a willingness to take risks to achieve extraordinary outcomes

Awesome Team


Filip Ristevski

Filip Ristevski | Partner

Vladimir Ristevski

Vladimir Ristevski | Partner

Dimitar Jovevski

Dimitar Jovevski | Partner


Ida Delinikolova

Ida Delinikolova | Operations

Ivana Ristevska

Ivana Ristevska | Operations

Biljana Popovikj

Biljana Popovikj | Operations


Magdalena Najdenova Ristevska

Magdalena Najdenova Ristevska | Development

Kiril Sotirovski

Kiril Sotirovski | Development

Aleksandar Tenev

Aleksandar Tenev | Development

Aleksandar Nusheski

Aleksandar Nusheski | Development

Angela Shutinovska

Angela Shutinovska | Development

Dragan Milankovski

Dragan Milankovski | Development

Ivana Savikj Georgieva

Ivana Savikj Georgieva | Development

Marjan Taskov

Marjan Taskov | Development

Sebastijan Zindl

Sebastijan Zindl | Development

Damjan Stamenov

Damjan Stamenov | Development

Aleksandar Temelkov

Aleksandar Temelkov | Development


Aleksandar Jakimovski

Aleksandar Jakimovski | Design

Bojan Senkovski

Bojan Senkovski | Design

Aleksandar Ilievski

Aleksandar Ilievski | Design

Nina Popdimitrova

Nina Popdimitrova | Design

Vlatko Ilievski

Vlatko Ilievski | Design

Natalia Aceska

Natalia Aceska | Design

Marija Dojchinovska

Marija Dojchinovska | Design

Nenad Tasevski

Nenad Tasevski | Design

Dejana Petrushevska

Dejana Petrushevska | Design

Ana Vidic

Ana Vidic | Design

Angel Angelovski

Angel Angelovski | Design

Elena Ristovska

Elena Ristovska | Design

Nadja Olumcheva

Nadja Olumcheva | Design


Enes Karakash

Enes Karakash | Marketing

Trajko Djikov

Trajko Djikov | Marketing

Dragan Stoshikj

Dragan Stoshikj | Marketing

Marina Dimitrievska

Marina Dimitrievska | Marketing

Vanja Vucinic

Vanja Vucinic | Marketing

Angela Stojanovska

Angela Stojanovska | Marketing

Tea Jovanovska

Tea Jovanovska | Marketing

Mila Rakovikj

Mila Rakovikj | Marketing

Bojan Boshkovski

Bojan Boshkovski | Marketing

Jovana Peneva

Jovana Peneva | Marketing

Martina Berberu

Martina Berberu | Marketing

Maja Temelkovska

Maja Temelkovska | Marketing

Darko Despotoski

Darko Despotoski | Marketing

Mia Hristovski

Mia Hristovski | Marketing

Zivkica Boneva

Zivkica Boneva | Marketing

Filip Efinski

Filip Efinski | Marketing

Hristijan Velkovski

Hristijan Velkovski | Marketing

Sandra Turnikj

Sandra Turnikj | Marketing

Aleksandra Drashkovikj

Aleksandra Drashkovikj | Marketing

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