Although it sounds like an existential question after the entire internet has been rocked by artificial intelligence’s ability to provide solutions at a glance, being a marketer these days is far from stressful and unpleasant.

On the contrary, we live in an exciting time where, as some people like to say, the fourth technological revolution is taking place.

Yes, artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. And yes, developing large language models (LLM) is faster than most of us expected. Certain things seem like they can be solved with two clicks, and consequently, what good are marketing companies when one ChatGPT “prompt” can get you an entire marketing strategy along with copywriting for every possible post?

The truth is in the middle.

On the one hand, we have the worried marketers who reckon half their jobs will disappear in a year or two. And they are not far from the truth. As modern applications that use artificial intelligence develop, so will the need for human labor.

If you’re ready, you can set up local GPTs and train them on documents you’ve been developing and preparing for years. Over time, with good training and learning, these “GPTs” can get smarter and wiser, eventually replicating your creative expression to the point where you don’t know the AI is writing for you.

On the other hand, if you, as a marketer, constantly learn new things, upgrade yourself with the skills you need through the prism of artificial intelligence, and have a strong knowledge of marketing theory (with a particular emphasis on digital marketing), as you can acquire at the Academy on Scala and Pixel, then, in the vernacular, “no winter” for you.

Those well-versed in knowledge have a fundamental understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the marketing world. They understand that the most crucial part of digital transformation is automating processes to free people to think strategically and creatively. These are the people that every company needs.

Hence, it is crucial to say that the future of modern marketers is to develop in the shape of the letter “T” – that is, to have a broad knowledge of the basics of digital marketing horizontally and to start specializing in specific skills that will give them vertical help achieve their marketing goals.

t-shaped marketer in time of AI

And where is AI in this whole story?

Artificial intelligence is a transformative force in digital marketing that enables marketers to work faster, smarter, and more accurately. Here are some concrete examples of how you can use AI tools to improve marketing strategies:

Copilot: As your virtual assistant, Copilot can generate code, write effective emails, and suggest website optimization strategies, all in seconds.

Dall E and Midjourney: If you want to create visual content based on textual descriptions, Dall E and Midjourney can help you create unique graphic materials for marketing campaigns without any design experience. Yes, these may not be final creatives, but at least you can give excellent directions to your fellow designers.

Gemini: Google’s powerful tool can analyze trends and user behavior, allowing marketers to make better predictions and adapt to market changes. This is crucial for any marketer.

Kapwing: Kapwing is a powerful video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the process of creating and editing video content. With just a few clicks, you can extract a “madhouse” of clips for social media from a long video with ready-made subtitles.

Synthesia: This platform allows the creation of personalized videos with virtual characters that speak and behave like real people, which is ideal for digital advertisements and promotional videos.

Each AI tool offers different opportunities for marketers to improve their skills, be competitive in the market, and improve the results of their marketing activities. With proper understanding and application, AI can be a powerful ally in the world of digital marketing.

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Written by Vladimir Ristevski for Skala Blog