Piksel rocked the scene at MASIT’s yearly conference, #DigitalUnited. We teamed up with MASIT (The Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies, which serves as a platform for industry leaders to discuss and shape the future of Macedonia’s ICT landscape), to chat about the future of all things digital.  

As you already know, Filip Ristevski, CEO of Piksel, became an official MASIT ICT Chamber of Commerce Management member at the beginning of 2023.  

Our role in the MASIT Management board wasn’t just a title of being official supporters – it was a commitment to digital progress. We’re all about pushing the ICT industry forward and dreaming big for a shared digital future.   

A knowledge-packed event

The theme of the event? “Building Bridges: Towards Our Common Digital Future” and as digital supporters, we were all in, spreading the word with #DIGITALUNITED, especially on social media. We wanted everyone to get involved in the digitization and digital transformation game to feel the love.  

And the conference? Oh, it was a blast! Top-notch program, speakers, and guests all in one spot. We enjoyed the discussion about digitization and tech evolution, showcasing cool ideas, trends, and solutions from ICT companies.  

The experts, both local and global, shared tips and tricks, making it a knowledge-packed event. So, this content was worth spreading digitally.  

The event had a massive turnout – over 200 guests from local and international ICT hotshots across all industries using tech solutions. Think state institutions, ministries, donor community reps, professors, university tech gurus, media folks – you name it!  

It’s easy when you sync

#DigitalUnited’s theme hit home for us at Piksel. We went all out digitally, supporting the event from our point of view – from event branding to social media advertising, Piksel lent its strategic expertise to amplify the conference’s reach and impact. And yeah, we even sorted out the event registration chaos with QR codes because – hey, we’re all about smart solutions.  

Our motto, “Your solution for digital maturity,” synced perfectly with #DigitalUnited’s core message. We wanted to bridge the gap to a digital future together, and Piksel’s expertise was front and center in getting that message across.  

piksel at #digitalunited

Being on the MASIT team is more than a partnership for us; it’s a commitment to pushing Macedonia’s digital scene to new heights. We weren’t just spectators at #DigitalUnited – we were players, shaping the story of Macedonia’s ICT industry future.  

In a nutshell, Piksel’s role at MASIT’s annual conference shouts loudly about our love for a digital world. We’re not just in the game. We’re making active changes, securing our spot as key players in Macedonia’s tech journey. Cheers to a digital future!