On the occasion of the competition for the eighth KAKTUS by 1664 Blanc award, we asked the members of the jury – what they pay the most attention to when evaluating the works. Here is what Vladimir Ristevski, the Creative Director of Piksel LTD, had to say. We hope he’ll inspire you to experiment.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Self-reflection.” If you were to look in the mirror at yourself as a professional, the company you work for, and the entire marketing communications market – what do you see? 

I see a local market that is still afraid to experiment. I see companies that say they want some bolder ideas, but end up going for safe execution. I see a young creative force that will bring big ideas in the future. I see myself and my colleagues at my company Piksel as the people who will help companies blossom into their digital maturity in the near future. 

What is your advice for all those who want to submit works for the KAKTUS 2022 awards? How is it best to prepare the application? What will you pay the most attention to when evaluating the works? 

As with everything, good storytelling is the key to a successful case study. Video is king, content is queen, and data is everything. Mix it all together, add social impact, experiment a little, and you might have a winner. 

Applications for the KAKTUS 2022 awards are open until September 20, and you can find all information about the competition and the Rules on the website https://kaktus.rs/