Instead of writing 99 emotional pages of text for this very important event to us, we decided to give you the facts about the ninth Piksel birthday as they were revealed by the media. Just so you know, we’re not pulling a Terry Jeffords talking in the third person about ourselves. 🙂

Now, let’s get serious and read what wrote about us.

On Thursday, April 1st, the company for marketing services and development of web and software solutions Piksel celebrated its 9th anniversary.

Since its formation in 2013 as a startup, Piksel has innovatively positioned itself on the market as a hybrid company that offers all kinds of digital services. Today, Piksel has an impressive portfolio – more than 50 active clients worldwide and about 40 employees. The company management says that this is a result of the careful and professional approach to the offer and realization of the service.

Dimitar Jovevski - Piksel birthday speech

Dimitar Jovevski – Piksel birthday speech

“Looking back over the years, I am happy with where we have come and what we have achieved in the past nine years. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of Piksel in the past period. I am proud that we are recognized as an innovative company that follows modern work trends in digital transformation. We are the first in the Macedonian market to strive to fully apply an agile way of working in digital marketing, that is, to offer clients dedicated, highly professional teams that will work on their behalf and for their needs. This approach was unimaginable in digital marketing until 2-3 years ago.” – says Dimitar Jovevski, Partner and Business Development Director at Piksel, and a professor at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje.

The company has recorded rapid progress in the last few years, primarily due to the huge demand for digital services, as well as the fact that Piksel has had a recognizable reputation and experience in the field of digital transformation for many years. However, the progress is largely due to the clear direction of the management towards building partnership relations with clients to help them grow and develop through additional business and consulting services.

In the past period, more and more domestic and international companies have chosen Piksel as a partner in the process of growth and development of their business, enabling the company to become one of the most sought-after employers in the field of its operations in the country, attracting the best professionals to its team.

Filip Ristevski - Piksel birthday

Filip Ristevski – Piksel birthday speech

“This birthday and the celebration itself marks a new chapter in our functioning towards helping small businesses that are not sufficiently exposed to the public, and that have something to show and offer.” Only in this way, in such a circle where the bigger helps the smaller, we can achieve economic progress, which is extremely important for the further development of society. There is, of course, the desire to continuously build and nurture team spirit and connection through promoting values and socially responsible activities that will encourage them to continue to follow this path,” said Filip Ristevski, Partner and General Director of Piksel.

Therefore, the birthday theme was focused on the meaning of the person who is part of the team and is part of the company’s culture of cooperation, team spirit, and dedication to the client. Precisely for this reason, the company management decided to organize an open-air celebration at the Wine Museum in Kavadarci and to support the idea of the Kimov Winery to create a unique experience of wine tasting and education for employees.

Vladimir Ristevski - Piksel birthday speech

Vladimir Ristevski – Piksel birthday speech

“After nine years of existence, I can proudly say that we have created a company that is recognizable by its value, through which a large number of successful young people have passed, who continue to build their careers in large global companies. This is a company in which creativity is nurtured through every possible prism, where teamwork is at the highest level, where clients are partners and friends in mutual growth and development, and where there are people who lead Piksel with their energy and motivation. “towards a company with global values.” – pointed out Vladimir Ristevski, Partner and Creative Director at Piksel.

The vision of Piksel is to become a leading company for digital growth in the region and to be recognized as an ideal employer for all young and creative people who have something to show in the fields of software development, design, marketing, and business growth.

Piksel birthday

This is just part of the birthday celebration atmosphere.

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