In the spirit of perpetual innovation and sustainable growth, we are thrilled to announce our fresh strategic collaboration with the dynamic force – Startup Macedonia. Our journey ahead is not just about shared goals. It’s a commitment to cultivating a culture where sustainability, innovation, and knowledge-sharing flourish.  

So, combining our goals of sharing knowledge and strengthening the startup and innovation ecosystem, after a short and ambitious discussion we teamed up with Startup Macedonia.  

ECO-TON Hackathon: Creating Eco-Friendly Ideas 

Our collaboration started with Igor Madzov, Program Director at Startup Macedonia, who has wholeheartedly approached our “ECO-TON” project. Held at Innofeit, this hackathon brought together eight teams with the goal of creating sustainable solutions under the theme “Plant a wish for a sustainable future.” This event was organized by the three pension companies – Triglav Pension Company AD Skopje, Sava Pension Company AD Skopje, and KB Prvo Pension Company AD Skopje. 

For this hackathon, we crafted a special landing page as an open call for young innovators to get the chance to win a special prize. The outcome was amazing and so were the ideas.  

This wasn’t just a competition, it was a space for sharing ideas. Mentors like Natalija Burgieva from Mama Organa, Gorjan Jovanovski from Air Care, Olga Rajcic from Challenger, Dime Galapchev from FinqUp, Ana Gjorgjieva from ProCredit Bank, Enes Karakas from Piksel LTD and Mile Shosevski from Drill Tech played a vital role in guiding the participating teams.

startup macedonia event menthors

The jury team, including Igor Madžov, chose the top three solutions. 

igor madzov startup macedonia

The three teams with the best solutions won cash prizes worth 1000, 750, and 500 euros. The Mycelium Packaging team took first place with their sustainable packaging project, followed by EcoDreamers with the ECOREST project in second place, and the G-CHANGE team with the Green Change project in third place. 

This success shows our commitment to supporting young innovators and sets the stage for more projects in the future. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week North Macedonia: Piksel’s Ongoing Commitment 

Our dedication goes beyond one-time events. Dimitar Jovevski, Piksel’s partner and General Director for Business Development, participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week North Macedonia. Dimitar played a key role as the moderator of Session 3, titled “Opportunities for Financing Innovations and Development of the Financial Sector.”  

dimitar jovevski at startup macedonia entrepreneurship week

This event, organized by Nest Group and the M6 Educational Center, provided valuable insights into building global companies from North Macedonia. Dimitar covered important topics like funding, talent acquisition, and infrastructure development.  

Part of Piksel’s senior team, together with the rest of the attendees, participated in the event as an opportunity to upgrade their entrepreneurial spirit and innovation to enrich their contacts and acquaintances with potential collaborators, mentors, and investors, but also to learn more about topics such as startup innovation, digital transformation, creative industry, advanced skills, female and social entrepreneurship, green ideas and many other topics in the field of entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurs had a chance to learn and connect, making this event a valuable opportunity for everyone involved. 

dimitar jovevski moderator at entrepreneurship week

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Innovation Revolution 

The collaboration between Piksel and Startup Macedonia is more than just a partnership. It’s a visionary effort towards a sustainable innovation revolution. From the impactful “ECO-TON – Hackathon” to Piksel’s active role in the Global Entrepreneurship Week in North Macedonia, our journey is shaping not only the business landscape but also creating a culture where sustainability and innovation thrive. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration. Together, we’re not just creating plans, but we’re building a balanced and sustainable future, showcasing our joint commitment to a brighter, more innovative world.