The challenge

In a world where financial institutions often focus solely on profits, PENZIJA.MK decided to embark on a different kind of journey, one that would not only secure a brighter future but also nurture the environment that sustains us all. Together, we set out to create a legacy that would stand the test of time, contributing to a more beautiful and sustainable world. case study

Our Vision

At PENZIJA.MK, our vision goes beyond financial security; it extends to environmental responsibility. We believe in giving back, and every GREEN ENVELOPE you choose for electronic annual reports becomes a step toward preserving our planet.

Planting Seeds of Change

Our journey is a testament to the power of shared dreams. Just like the trees we plant, which take two decades to provide soothing shade, your pension also takes time to flourish into a robust fund. Our mantra echoes: "Засади желба, за одржлива иднина!" (Plant a wish for a sustainable future!) case study case study case study case study case study

Inspiration from Nature

Our journey started with a vision – to redefine financial security while embracing a greener world. Traditional education wasn't enough. So, we decided to tell stories that connect - stories that parallel the need for retirement savings with planting Pension parks.

The Green Transformation 

We began with a digital overhaul of's official website - the hub for Pension companies to educate and connect with their audience. Central to this transformation was the "Plant Your Wish" contact form, a place where users, especially the younger generation, could nurture their dreams for a greener future. And among all the wishes, one desire resonated the most: a wish to plant more trees and create more parks.   In the ever-approaching future of retirement, there's no time to waste. That's why we're sowing the seeds of sustainability, today.   Our mission was fueled by collaboration with the three pension companies - Sava Pension Company, TRIGLAV Pension Company, and KB First Pension Company, supported by the Agency for supervision of fully funded pension insurance (MAPAS). Their shared vision made this journey possible. 

Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event
Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event
Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event
Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event
Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event

The Main Challenge? Education. 

Reaching out to the youngest demographic, those just starting their careers, was a multi-layered challenge. Young people perceive the retirement days as a far future, as an issue that is way too early to address. The concept of two and tree pension funds seems too complicated to comprehend. And underneath this lays the general public’s disconfidence in the entire pension system in the country. 


Our Approach? A Paradigm Shift. 

We decided to focus on the opportunities instead of challenges. At this point, it was clear that we need to tell stories from a fresh perspective. And the idea was born – to make a parallel between the need for retirement savings and planting Pension parks – a combination of education and practical examples of the long-term effects of today’s actions. The aim was to motivate the young individuals to take charge of their own future and the future of our society. 


The Result? From Digital to Reality.

This singular wish sparked a movement transcending the digital realm and traditional education. We unveiled our vision through a mind and soul-tickling video, weaving the story of a young girl’s love for trees and her lifelong dream of creating a park. 



In less than a year, our concept transformed into reality. We embarked on a series of activities, creating 8 pension parks and planting over 120 trees in high schools across the country. 

Pension parks
Students actively involved
Mid-sized trees planted
Photo from the Zasadi Zelba event case study

Results Speak for Themselves 

  • Eight pension parks created in different high schools. 
  • Over 340 students actively involved. 
  • More than 120 mid-size trees planted. 
  • Extensive media coverage with 128 PR texts in local media. 
  • Extensive radio exposure with 2,356 minutes of airtime. 
  • Wide-reaching media buy with 14,752,430 impressions. 
  • Over 15,556 clicks generated. 
  • Robust social media engagement with 115 posts and 9,143,164 impressions. 
  • A significant online presence with 59,862 unique users and 87,774 page views on 
  • Effective Google Ads campaign with 13,494 clicks and 6,215,821 impressions. 
  • Powerful impact on YouTube with 818,382 views and 10,000 hours watched. 
  • Collaboration with 6 Instagram influencers. 
  • Visibility on 43 Megalights and Billboards. 
PR articles
Radio commercials airtime (minutes)
Wide-reaching media buy (impressions)

We were Internationally acknowledged

This initiative was awarded the prestigious SOMOBORAC, a recognition of creativity and impact in the region. As for the results, we have one simple message: we won a regional award, and the statistics speak for themselves.

Design for Sava Penzisko's 'Zasadi Zelba'

A Sustainable Tomorrow

PLANT A WISH 3.0 is now running as a testament to the power of shared dreams and collective action. We're not just creating retirement savings; we're creating retirement parks, inspiring advanced and sustainable solutions for a brighter and greener future. Together, we've sown the seeds of change, nurturing the promise of a sustainable world – for you, your community, and our precious planet.

Zasadi Zelba 3.0 - Nurturing Dreams for an Ever-Greener Future

The campaign is in full effect, evolving our mission to make an even bigger impact. Our new slogan, "Plant a wish, for a sustainable future," encapsulates our journey perfectly. We're retaining the familiar tone and mood that you love from Plant a wish, but now we're broadening our horizons. It's not just about planting trees and creating Pension Parks; it's about engaging in various activities that lead to a cleaner, more sustainable world. Our plan? Working on: - Growing Together with Students - New Perceptions for a Better Future - Expanding Horizons - Fresh and Creative Solutions

Design for Sava Penzisko's 'Zasadi Zelba'

Join Us in Cultivating a Sustainable Tomorrow

Contact us today to explore how our innovative strategies can help you make a lasting impact. Whether you're looking to amplify your message, engage your audience, or plant the seeds of change, we're here to turn your dreams into reality.

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