The birth of Modeliks

In a world dominated by traditional financial planning and outsourcing, Modeliks emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering a groundbreaking alternative. It sought to simplify financial planning and reporting, empowering startups, business leaders, and accounting firms to take control of their financial destiny.
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What does Modeliks do?

They have introduced a suite of tools tailored to assist users in navigating the complete journey of financial planning and investor reporting. At Modeliks, the vision extends far beyond spreadsheets and balance sheets. They believe in making financial planning accessible and effective, saving future clients time and money. Modeliks’ journey is dedicated to transforming the financial landscape, one client at a time.
Modeliks - Create fundable business plan
Modeliks - Build driver based financial plans
Modeliks - Report effortlessly

Creating the Foundation

As we prepared for the launch, we understood that the initial impression is paramount. Our journey began with crafting a compelling visual identity. We thoroughly created our brand book, logo, and slogan, ensuring they resonated with our audience's aspirations and objectives. When it comes to software, the main thing to look for is the icon. As more users prefer mobile over desktop, a unique and recognizable icon that stands out in the sea of apps is essential. A logo that implies progress - We crafted a symbol that reflects the goals of those who will use Modeliks. An upwards arrow signifying progress and success, dipped in blue that is synonymous with technology and scale.

Modeliks logo

Target Audience and Market Research 

Identifying our target audience was a pivotal step. Through extensive market research, we delved into market possibilities, analyzed competitors, and uncovered the precise needs of our audience. This comprehensive process laid the foundation for the compelling visual narrative that Modeliks represents today.

To begin this process, we have dived deep into the fundamental purpose of the Modeliks software. We carefully identified our primary and secondary target audiences as the foundation of our communication strategy, aiming for the most effective approach. We researched various demographic aspects, including age, gender, and location. Then we investigated their interests, educational backgrounds, and other relevant details to gain a more profound insight into these audience segments. Additionally, we reviewed their strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and potential opportunities.

Based on this broad research, we identified the opportunities these groups are seeking. Through this thorough analysis, we developed specific ideal buyer personas to ensure the success of our marketing strategies. 

In addition to understanding our target audience in detail, it’s equally important to get to know our competitors. This involves learning about their identities, key messaging, offerings, digital marketing efforts, customer acquisition strategies, content marketing, market position, and, of course, extracting valuable insights from their experiences. That’s exactly what we did. 

Taking Flight

Once our visual identity was in place, we embarked on designing and developing the website. Our primary focus was optimization to ensure a top-tier web presence. The website became our digital hub for engaging with potential clients. It has a modern design that clearly communicates the key features of the Modeliks software, which makes it easy for the user to navigate through it and learn about the product.

Mockup design for Modeliks

The design is simple, yet effective, and it follows the design features and colors commonly used on the software, creating a consistent look and feel throughout the entire brand. 

We used PHP WordPress, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript to create this website.  

The website was built in WordPress, helping our clients and their visitors access the site quickly, find the products, and learn about them. 

Mockup design for Modeliks

Empowering Users with E-Books 

Using the client’s vast knowledge of the specific software tools and what they can bring to the users, we have strengthened our website resources and solutions corner with practical e-books on different topics (related to the features Modeliks offers) that walk them through the software, helping them find solutions to their financial challenges. For instance, upon visiting the "financial planning" feature page, a popup window appears, inviting users to fill out a short form for exclusive access to the corresponding e-book. This approach not only adds potential users to our client’s database but also provides them with visually appealing e-books containing relevant information on utilizing the feature and its impact on the user’s business planning process.   These e-books were designed to align with our brand's visual identity. 

Design for Modeliks

Digital Strategy for Success 

In our journey to boost Modeliks online, we cooked up a smart digital plan using Meta Ads and Google Ads. We dug deep into where our audience hangs out—figuring out where they are, who they are, and what they like.  

The first month of our Meta Ads plan was a hit, racking up 289,668 video views, reaching 166,070 people, getting 1,340 clicks, and sparking 43,713 interactions. At the same time, our SEO moves landed Modeliks on 400+ USA news sites, making it look good online.  

Our Google Ads plan aimed for accuracy, focusing on the US and UK with location, who our audience is, and content they’d love. The results? 37,700 views, a 4.65% click rate, and 1,750 clicks. Our plan wasn’t just good, it turned heads, boosted the brand, and put Modeliks on a fast track to growing even more. 

Ad views
Click rate

Social Media Presence 

Having in mind that Modeliks is a user-friendly software that can be utilized by anyone, without any previous financial or business planning experience, we decided to reach out to various audiences through major social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, while keeping an open mind to repurpose the content on other channels, too. 

Our social media presence reflects our innovative approach. We created captivating content and maintained engaging social media profiles to connect with our audience and provide valuable insights into financial and business planning.  

We use various eye-catching creatives consistent with the branding, to help us keep the audience’s interest for the important messages we need to reveal. The language remains simple, friendly, and easy to understand, just as the feeling the users will have right upon subscribing to the software. 

Design for Modeliks
Designs for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks
Design for Modeliks

Minimal aesthetic

A minimalistic aesthetic for financial software focuses on simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, providing users with a clean and uncluttered interface. The financial software boasts a sleek and uncluttered design, leveraging ample white space to create a sense of openness. The interface follows a grid-based layout, ensuring a well-organized and visually balanced appearance. The design philosophy revolves around simplicity and clarity, providing users with an intuitive and distraction-free environment.

Design for Modeliks

The color scheme predominantly features a calming and professional blue palette. Muted blues and soft gradients are used to convey a sense of trust, reliability, and security. Important elements and actionable buttons may be subtly highlighted with slightly deeper shades of blue, maintaining a cohesive and harmonious overall appearance.

Typography is a key component of the minimal aesthetic, with a focus on clean and easily readable fonts. Sans-serif fonts, such as Arial or Helvetica, are employed for their modern and straightforward appeal. Consistent font sizes and styles contribute to a polished and professional look, ensuring that text is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend.

Designs for Modeliks

Your Journey with Piksel 

Are you ready to experience a market-entry endeavor with confidence and style?  At Piksel we're not just a service provider - we're your partners in success. Picture this: from the initial spark of an idea to the blazing reality of a thriving market presence, we've got your back every step of the way. Our team doesn't just excel in strategy and consultancy – we redefine it.  

Your Success Story

We breathe life into your vision through cutting-edge implementation, a brand that resonates, a visual identity that captivates, user experiences that leave an indelible mark, and web development that propels you to the forefront. Trust us to not only navigate the path but to leave an indelible mark at every milestone.  Your journey begins here. Your success story starts now. 

Are you prepared to kickstart a transformative journey like Modeliks did?

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