The client

Retirement is a topic that concerns everyone, yet most people are unfamiliar with the importance of pension funds and how they operate. Sava Pension Company is one of the first private pension companies in Macedonia, providing financial security for their members and growing the value of their pension savings, while continuously contributing to environmental and social sustainability. For Sava Pension Company, educating the public on the importance of their pension savings was of crucial significance and they needed to communicate this message in a fresh and creative way – this is where we stepped in.
Sava Penzisko na dolgi pateki Sava Pension Company

The challenge

Our main objective was to find a way to reach an audience made up of different demographic groups all year round and make a future event like retirement and pension planning relevant to them today.

The approach

We arrived at the conclusion that the best way to get people interested in the topic of pension savings was through: creating content that would resonate with them; telling stories that they could relate to; educating them in an engaging way; utilizing various platforms and tools to reach them; using multiple creative formats in line with the latest digital marketing trends.

sava penzisko investicija na dolgi pateki Sava Pension Company

The execution

With the client’s goals and priorities in mind, we harnessed our deep insights into people’s behavior to craft tailored messages that conveyed the importance of pension funds in original, innovative, and unexpected ways. By finding inspiration in everyday life, we were able to create multiple campaigns and tell unique stories that the audience could relate to.
Design for Sava Penzisko Sava Pension Company
Design for Sava Penzisko Sava Pension Company
Design for Sava Penzisko Sava Pension Company
Design for Sava Penzisko
Design for Sava Penzisko
Design for Sava Penzisko
Design for Sava Penzisko
Sava Pension Company na dolgi pateki

Once we had the messages, all we needed was to share them through the right channels and make sure they reached the right people. This is where we applied our expert knowledge of the marketing mix:

  • 360 marketing strategy  
  • creative design
  • multichannel digital media buy
  • customized landing page design  
  • mobile application development  
  • influencer marketing  
  • video production  
Sava Pension Company

“In the long run” (На долги патеки)

Sava Pension Company was looking to promote their voluntary pension fund and educate people on why having an additional, private pension fund is extremely important for their financial freedom in the future. This is how this traffic campaign was born.

While brainstorming, we realized that most people rarely think about saving additional money since retirement is such a long way away. They lack the necessary discipline to continuously set aside funds and they begin to lose sight of the benefits in the long run. These ideas were directly reflected in the campaign, which aimed to reassure the public that pension saving isn’t a sprint race – it’s a marathon.

We collaborated with a local athlete and professional marathon runner to produce educational content that motivated people to look at retirement savings the same way they would when preparing for a marathon – it takes discipline, commitment, and continuous investment. You can’t see the results right away, but it pays off in the long run. 


“Update and Donate” (Ажурирај и донирај)

To promote the importance of updating personal account information and the use of digital solutions, we came up with another traffic campaign. Sava Pension Company wanted to get their members to update their personal account information on an annual basis. At the same time, they wanted to motivate them to use the mobile phone app “Sava Pension Plan” more often, promoting the use of digital solutions to minimize paper waste. Knowing that they are an environmentally and socially responsible company, we created a humanitarian initiative that would achieve multiple goals at the same time.

The initiative titled “Update and Donate” encouraged members to update their personal information through the mobile app and opt to receive their pension reports digitally by e-mail instead of printed on paper. For every updated account and every user who chose to receive their reports digitally, Sava Pension Company would donate funds to a humanitarian cause.  

We collaborated with local sports teams and produced thought-provoking content to communicate the message that we’re all part of the same team and our individual actions determine whether our team wins or loses. The way we framed the message made members feel personally involved in the donation, knowing that their actions directly contributed towards the amount of the donation.

Sava Pension Company

Update and Donate” has since become an annual campaign that regularly increases updated account information and app usage, decreases paper waste, and secures substantial sums donated to various good causes 


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The future

The work we have done for Sava Pension Company so far is part of our ongoing marketing strategy to further grow and solidify their brand as an industry leader with a high level of corporate social responsibility. By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience we continue to raise awareness about the importance of timely investment in private pension funds in line with the latest marketing trends.

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