The Pursuit of Truth

The TRUTH became just an excuse to share and promote quite the opposite. We’ve become the targets, exposed to everyday chaos of fake, unreliable news, coming from shady sources.  Like Diogenes, we desperately seek for the man, in our case - that friend who is brutally truthful, but respected for his uncompromised ethics in presenting naked facts. We needed to tell the public who that friend was - Radio Slobodna Evropa's newsletter. 
A cassette with the word 'Truth' on it - Radio Slobodna Evropa

We didn’t want to:

Address problems in our society concerning fake news, and false and compromised media – since that’s something that has been done in so many media literacy campaigns so far.

We wanted to:

Create a sense of hope and treat the newsletter as a solution for truthful and reliable news.

Create a connection with the target audience in a friendly manner, using everyday language.

Put an accent on the newsletter, as this is both a brand awareness and sales campaign targeting the newsletter’s future subscribers.

The Messengers of Truth

As we had such important message to share, we needed to choose the right messengers to spread it. We partnered with influential people in different segments, well-known experts, leaders, people that stand out with their recognition. All of them are associated with freedom of speech, their high ethics, and dedication in their field. Apart from using them as our brand ambassadors, we put them in their natural lifestyle roles, yet closely connected with our idea.
a hand holding a megaphone Radio Slobodna Evropa

That One Friend

We built the story around that “truthful friend”, the truth bearer, the one that’s always transparent no matter how ugly or inconvenient the truth is. And we knew that the truth is best told directly, using both verbal and non-verbal cues, so we shot one long video that was later cut into small bits so we could spread the messages more effectively. All the videos with the KOL's were shot in surroundings that also reflect open spaces, open communication, public debate, and freedom of speech. 

This is how the campaign went through:

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