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Procredit Bank is one of the coolest banks around. They are dedicated to helping startups, small businesses and freelancers thrive. Their passion for nurturing the environment is impeccable, leading them to build a unique, fully energy-efficient HQ building. See? So cool.

The challenge

A year into our partnership with them, we excitingly embarked on a journey to reimagine the brand’s digital visual style and tone. We partnered with their in-house marketing team to find the balance between what is expected from a bank and how we can twist the expectations into a narrative that speaks beyond product communication. After a month-long process and collaboration, the work resulted in the creating of a concrete visual base that paved the way for exciting and colorful projects.

ProCredit Bank

Defining ProCredit

Procredit Bank always tries to push the norms and redefine the banks' core values. Their goal is to encourage people to switch fully digital, eradicate as many office branches as possible, and leave a positive carbon footprint on the planet. All these aspects must find their way into the brand’s visual identity. The visuals had to be clean, simple at their core, but also try to rebel against the norms set by the peers. They had to be different to stand out.

The Many Colors of Procredit Bank 

Procredit has 6 primary colors, with red always taking the lead. The colors had us thinking “What if we can bring meaning and value to every color and have them speak for themselves?” So that is exactly what we did – we gave each color meaning and purpose, transforming the corporate authority with a colorful personality.  

Socially responsible social media

The goal was to prioritize simplified communication and look to deliver the message more directly. The tone of communication became more conversational and straight to the point. Simple also means open to evolve, so as time passed by and the client had different needs, we allowed the design to be shaped and reshaped accordingly – but never losing its basic form.
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank
ProCredit Bank

Taking a ride

The #ProVoziSe campaign is a prime example of combining sales and environmental awareness in one strong message. From designer’s point of view, with the design system set in place, the path to finding the right visual identity was easy. With the green standing out, we subverted expectations by highlighting the positive effect biking has on the environment, with the “sales” message taking a back seat.

ProCredit Bank

Hive: Office space for like-minded people

Hive Room is a free of charge co-working space dedicated to empowering startups and freelancers. Its primary goal is to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, cultivating a vibrant community that will bring positive changes and spur societal development. So, it was a great experience to help in developing a platform that enables individuals to reserve a time and date for freelancing at HIVE co-working space. This partnership is dedicated to supporting the local community, fostering innovation, and propelling the growth of local businesses.

ProCredit Bank

Here’s a glimpse of the services we provided: 

  • Office branding – wall facing the main entrance of the building 
  • Office branding – wall facing the main corridor on the first floor/wall with TV 
  • POS Materials – wireless charger, tea box, backpack, pen, coffee mug, notebook, glass/water cup, and poster which will be placed on the floor as soon as people enter the building through the main entrance 
  • Social Media  
  • UI/UX Design  
  • Development


ProCredit Bank

By prioritizing user needs, we optimized the booking process, enhanced navigation, and created a visually appealing interface that reflects the unique atmosphere of the co-working space.  

Leveraging our expertise, we executed a creative approach that resulted in eye-catching and effective POS materials. The impact was clear: increased sales, enhanced customer interaction, and a more memorable in-store experience.

We are delighted that we were entrusted to lead this journey from concept to execution, showcasing how our UI/UX design has transformed the co-working experience, fostering collaboration and creativity in a stunning digital space. 

ProCredit Bank

A Future to look for

As the world faces a great ordeal with climate change, helping and supporting brands and companies that contribute to the fight against environmental degradation will always give us hope and inspiration to drive ourselves forward. Design might seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but if we can find ways to deliver the message in a more precise and direct way, then not all is alas. We take pride in delivering comprehensive branding solutions that leave a lasting impact. We had the privilege of collaborating with ProCredit to transform their brand identity across multiple touchpoints.

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