If the last Piksel Year in Review taught us anything, the last days of December are probably the worst time to write a Piksel in 2019 review.  

Not that there is nothing to write and share, on the contrary, but amid all friendship gatherings, celebrations, and preparations for what awaits us in 2020, such a review may not get the attention it deserves.  

And, as we will see in the rest of this blog (I tried to be as short as possible), it does deserve attention.  

Let’s pick up where we left off in December 2018. Remember when Piksel won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the country’s most successful micro and small business entrepreneurs?  

piksel in 2019

Recognition that only (re)traced our path in 2019, a year in which we expanded the team, and to our great pleasure, domestic and foreign clients became part of our everyday life, in which our Piksel gatherings were not absent and which, naturally, we finished with a new round of Piksel memes.  

piksel in 2019 memes

But let’s do this in order.  

We use this opportunity to welcome all the new Piksels that became part of our story in 2019 and for which the second visual display in this blog is reserved.  

Emma, Angela, Emilija S., Emilija R., and Tea, this is for you! … (and only now I realized that in 2019 we have become a much more beautiful agency) …  

piksel in 2019 - piksels

(photos of Tea and Emilija R. coming soon)

Here’s what the girls above, as well as the rest of the Piksel team, have been working on in the year we’ve already posted, in which we’ve once again had major web projects, major digital campaigns, and been part of some of the industry’s biggest events worldwide. And finally, to finish with Digital for Entrepreneurship, we organized an event together with the EBA (European Business Association) and the City of Skopje

piksel in 2019 eba

In 2019, we enjoyed IBC 2019, THE WORLD’S MOST INFLUENTIAL MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT & TECHNOLOGY SHOW. A gigantic multi-day event and company with the giants of the media, entertainment, and technology industry that was a unique experience to remember.  

piksel in 2019 ibc

More events

The experiences from events that only got richer continued with the participation in the first Balkan Entrepreneurship Summit and MASIT Conference – Data as an Asset, where we were sponsors, the second Macedonian e-Commerce conference: Grow with E-commerce, New Communication Trends – Influencer Marketing by MAAM, the sixth and seventh – InTech MeetUp – as media partners, and the mentoring role we had at Startup Weekend Skopje in 2019 (tnx Emma).  

And something that we are especially happy about – visiting several major events in the USA this past fall, where Dimitar had the honor of being a speaker at DevFest in Orlando and the Digital Marketing Academy, which Dimitar led in tandem with Vladimir. This tandem also held a training in Digital Marketing for small businesses in SOS Children’s Village supported by the project of Social Inclusion and Economic Empowerment of Youth.  

piksel in 2019 dimitar

Crossover wins in 2019

Our development team, together with the design and account team, developed several web projects “from scratch” in 2019, with a complete design from the UI/UX and marketing aspect and, of course, unique design and functionalities.   

Such is the brand new website of the best fitness center in town, Synergy Fitness & Spa, where the focus has been placed on facilitating the online payment process for all current and future members. Functionality which in the first few months proved to be a complete hit. For more info, read our case study on Synergy Fitness & Spa.  

piksel in 2019 synergy web

Speaking of case studies of successful Piksel projects in 2019, here is the new website for Pandev DOO, a client for whom we implemented a complete rebranding solution that ultimately culminated in a new website and a strategy for representing the company on social networks with a completely new slogan and communication.  

piksel in 2019 pandev web

More wins

Another crossover between our three sectors in 2018 was the development of the website for SOS Children’s Village, a collaboration that last year was expanded by the conception and implementation of the campaign The World of SOS Superheroes in which each of you can become what the children from SOS Children’s Village need the most, and that is a superhero who will help them achieve their daily wishes.  

The campaign focused on online donations and at the moment of writing this blog, managed to collect 139,510 denars only through the specially developed online donation system.  

piksel in 2019 sos web

In the web development department, we ended the year with a completely new website for one of the oldest travel agencies in the country, Papillon. We gave them a completely new and refreshed online presence, with a series of new functionalities to facilitate the end goal of the user, choosing the best option for summer or winter break, or simply, a weekend escape from the city.  

piksel in 2019 papillon

New clients and friends

Some new clients have become part of our Piksel family, such as Roche Macedonia, InterWorks, Jet Minds, Office Plus, Carpe Diem, Top Gun Lounge Bar, Kreddy, House of Samsonite Macedonia, Albi bookstores, City Fashion.  

And for the current campaigns for our clients, who in the past year have enriched their portfolios with new products, I would single out Bimilk, who have completely refreshed the packaging of their milk. This activity was followed up with the design and development of a new landing page and a social media campaign.  

piksel in 2019 bimilk

In the summer of 2019, We were able to do everything with Ohridska Banka Societe Generale, through the campaign with which we promoted payment credit cards and all the opportunities they offer, especially in the summer period. The record number of credit card applications also speaks for the success of the Ova leto mozesh se campaign, which covered all digital channels.  

piksel in 2019 ob

For the same client, the transition from Ohridska Banka Societe Generale to Ohridska Banka was a big challenge. A transition that, in detailed coordination with the OB marketing team, went well, with a new and refreshed visual communication. 

piksel in 2019 sparkasse group

New Piksel projects

Of course, to make sure that we did something for ourselves in 2019, here are Momenti.mk and Where to Go on the Weekend.  

From our campaigns in 2019, we can’t help but single out I am a Woman. With this campaign, we congratulated all our dear ones on March 8th through selfie videos recorded by our clients for Women’s Month…  

In 2019, we went deep with the campaign with the ideal love duo Debeliot Kraj for the love seats in Cineplexx.  

Piksel fun activities

We joked about the last season of Game of Thrones, with montages that turned out to be even better than that last season. Same as the post with “milk lover” Tormund.  

And yes, in 2019 we celebrated Piksel’s sixth birthday, we ran really slow in the Skopje Marathon, passed 3,000 fans on our Facebook page, and followed trends like #FaceApp and #10YearChallenge with Bitolsko, Balans+, and Bifruit packs.  

But that’s not all.  

We conclude this review of the 2019 Piksel with two videos, different from each other but with the same message in the background, which is the creativity of our team to do the best for our customers… and to have fun doing it.