Our Little Summer Adventure With Coke Summership

What are summers for? Vacation, sunny walks, hangouts… But, to some students, summers are for personal and professional growth. That’s why, every summer Pivara Skopje and Coca Cola HBC come together to organize Coke Summership, an internship business summer boot camp that help students experience the business side of Pivara Skopje firsthand.

In early 2022, Piksel and Pivara Skopje joined forces with the goal to improve the reach and awareness of Coke Summership, attract more student participants and develop a long-term strategy to create a culture among young people to strive for personal and professional growth.  

With this in mind, we reintroduced the internship program in a more youthful and colorful light, embracing both Coca Cola and Gen-Z’s spirit. 


Summer vibes, teen spirit, vibrant emotions, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Coke Summership branding. 


We strongly believe in creating a digital eco-system with the website being the root of everything. So, during the initial kick-off campaign, all social media posts, PR and OOT promotions lead to the website the users could learn about the Summership program, see reviews from the previous year and learn and when they can apply for this summer’s event. 

During the kick-off campaign, we had over 120+ applicants from students all-round the country, of which 16 made the final cut and were part of the Coke Summership program.  


The story so far...

Looking back, the summer was a wonderful story and an excellent experience for everyone. We had a blast doing work for a beloved brand like Coca Cola! And out of the 16 students that took part in the Coke Summership program, 5 continued with a paid internship and one has already begun his career path at Pivara Skopje. But wait, there’s more! In 2023 the story continues. This year, we started the call for the event by educating students at the Faculty of Economics.   Students were excited to hear about the program, interested in it, and many of them signed up.  The call for Coke Summership was also present on social media with interactive and educational content.  This program remains to be the most attractive challenge for young, ambitious students who want to start their career in the largest brewery in the region, Pivara Skopje.  We look forward to Coke Summership 2024!  

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