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A little bit of history

For over 100 years, Stark has produced some of the most loved chocolate products in the region. From Najlepse Zelje and Smoki, to Bananice and Menaz, Stark has held a high standard that all sweet brands have followed. So, when Stark asked us to redesign the website for their cooking chocolates Menaz, we immediately started cooking.  

The idea from the very beginning was to develop a site that can re–establish the brand’s position, to serve as a reminder of all Menaz’s portfolio, but also to bring value to the end customers – those who love to cook. We wanted to not only showcase the products but also offer a variety of recipes that require Menaz chocolates. 

From web to mobile app

Once the website went live, we focused our attention on creating a “companion” mobile app called Volim Poslastice (I Love Treats). The app includes great number of wonderful, tasty recipes, video cooking tutorials hosted by famous Serbian chef Miss Mirkov, as well as a blog with cooking advices.  

The app also allows user to create an account and save their favorite recipes.  

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The whole project was in contention for several SoMo Borac awards, so, for the Serbian speaking visitors, you can watch our Case Study video below 🙂



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