Our Journey with Zipistream: Nurturing Podcast Influencers

We're thrilled to share our venture in developing Zipistream, a web platform aimed at empowering podcast influencers to expand their subscriber base and connect with their audience. While we encountered technical hurdles along the way, our team consistently devised cutting-edge digital solutions to meet our client's requirements.
Zipistream case study

The Genesis: Initial Request  

Zipistream's essence lies in assisting podcast influencers in garnering more subscribers and fostering direct communication via email. Upon sign-up, users can opt for one of three payment plans, each offering varying subscriber limits and a monthly quota of newsletters.
Web design for Zipistream
Web design for Zipistream
Web design for Zipistream
Web design for Zipistream

Crafting the Web App: Features and Future Endeavors  

Our dedicated team crafted Zipistream, equipping it with essential features podcast influencers seek: 

  • Crafting and distributing newsletters 
  • Importing existing mailing lists 
  • Incorporating bonus content 
  • Introducing a referral system 
  • Implementing a ‘Report an Issue’ feature 
  • Showcasing a dedicated Marketplace page 
  • Enhancing the account creation process and flow 
  • Revamping the ‘Edit Podcast’ page 

The Tech Behind the Magic: Used Technologies

For Zipistream's development, we harnessed the power of ReactJS and Node.JS, ensuring a seamless and robust user experience.

Tackling Challenges Head-On: Problems and Solutions

Creating the Marketplace page emerged as our most significant challenge during Zipistream's development. This crucial page showcases campaigns for podcasters to gather leads and earn through PayPal. To conquer this, we set up a Google Sheet document to collect campaign data at regular intervals, feeding it into the database. Additionally, we designed a wallet page for podcasters to track their earnings.
Web design for Zipistream
Web design for Zipistream
Web design for Zipistream

Reaping the Fruits of Labor: Results and Benefits

Amidst the technical hurdles faced, the development of Zipistream proved to be a valuable learning experience for our team. We sharpened our skills in navigating complex scenarios and tailoring solutions that best align with the problem at hand.

Words of Wisdom: Advice for Aspiring Developers

For those embarking on ambitious projects like Zipistream, our advice is to break down the task into manageable subgroups and start with what you know best. If challenges arise, seek guidance from experienced peers and never shy away from seeking help. Persistence is key; learn from your missteps and forge ahead.

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