Brewing the Story

Grand Kafa has always had a special place in the hearts of our people. Having a cup of freshly brewed Grand coffee is a special ritual that brings people together and refreshes our minds. As beautiful this story is, there was a challenge to be tackled – the perception of the Macedonian people that this beloved coffee was exclusively produced in Serbia. That’s where WE swooped in with the game-changing "I Domashen Miris, I Domashen Vkus!" local campaign.

A Cultural Journey

Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural connection Grand Kafa shared with Macedonians, the mission was clear: reposition Grand Kafa as a local favorite, with a remarkable and memorable taste and aroma that resonated with true coffee lovers. The ultimate goal? To reaffirm Grand Kafa as coffee that’s produced locally, right here in Skopje.
grand kafa local campaign

The Grand Game Plan Strategy

Building Local Awareness: The focus was on showcasing Grand Kafa as a locally produced coffee made in Skopje. Youthful Revitalization: To make the brand more appealing to a younger audience, a new tradition of enjoying Grand Kafa at home was crafted for Gen X coffee lovers. Strengthening the Local Bond: In order to increase brand loyalty and improve exposure, the local production story was incorporated into the campaign.

Grand kafa social media post

A Symphony of Storytelling and Technology

The unique execution on various channels unified in one story, blended cultural storytelling with technology. From a local celebrity duo Tino and Atanas, outdoor advertising, development of Grand’s personalized digital 2D Game played on every Grand Caravan and two Grand Kafa factory tours to slam dunk about the local production! Components like social media, YouTube, and local display campaigns ensured wide reach, aligning with the strategy to authentically convey Grand Kafa's local essence to the fans.

Triumphant Results!

Hold onto your mugs, ’cause the numbers were wild: 

social media reach
YouTube views

These results not only exceeded expectations but also demonstrated the campaign’s success in building unmatched brand awareness. 

The Grand Narrative

The storytelling took place not only on screens, but also in the midst of daily life. "I Domashen Miris, I Domashen Vkus!" merged the essence of "home feeling" with rituals of coffee-making, connecting fans not just at home but also in neighborhoods and the Grand kafa factory in Skopje. Grand Caravans were present at total of 3 top popular mall locations: Capitol Mall, East Gate Mall, and Skopje City Mall. The campaign resonated profoundly with its target audience, as confirmed by the enthusiastic comments from the fans.
grand kafa local campaign

Together with Grand Kafa, and after more than 200 cups of homemade coffee, we’ve created a campaign that not only met its objectives but surpassed them.  

The success of “I Domashen Miris, I Domashen Vkus!” is proof that storytelling and cultural vibes can change the game!

Check out the campaign’s look & feel:

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