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Grand Prizes with Grand Coffee

At the end of summer of 2022, Grand Kafa, the famous Serbian roast and ground coffee, wanted to spice things up and, besides its bold taste in every cup, offer their customers a chance to win BIG. Our mission was to make that happen!

“Become a Grand Millionaire” prize game was a fully digital campaign that ran for 4 months and took Grand Kafa’s engagement to new hights. Here’s how we made it fun and engaging for everyone involved.

We thought – “Coffee and Viber go well together, right?” so, we crated a Viber community for this campaign, and it was lit! 

In less than 2 months we gained 8,000 members that were entertained with 35 different types of content, from funny animations to coffee-trivia quizzes. Our polls were a big hit, averaging over 3,000 votes.

Plus, we made the brand even cooler with a set of free stickers that everyone loved.

Live draws were fun!

Yes, 4 live draws in 4 months – 4 Grand Kafa fans became Grand millionaires!

Jana and Marko, famous TV personalities hosted the live draws that went live on Facebook, and the excitement was electric. Fans were cheering in the comment section, and our social media feeds sky-rocketed with likes and shares! To make it ever more fun for the viewers, two famous influencers co-hosted the live shows and served as brand ambassadors throughout the whole campaign.


Social Media Results speak for themselves

We went BIG and it paid-off BIG!

With a reach of over 1 million people, and ads that got over 43 million impressions we blow away the initial expectations by a whooping 155%! Also, the conversion rates were off the charts – with 2x more sales through online retail or 80% of total sales. 

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