Meet Synergi

Hey there, Meet Synergi! The Swedish powerhouse in Design and Innovation, rocking the scene with top-notch Digital Consulting & Product Development services. Our big challenge? Nailing a design and branding strategy that truly shouts "Synergi!" We kicked things off with a logo revamp, setting the vibe for everything else — branding, social media, and a slick new website.
Synergi case study

How we got creative

Picture this: blending an IT symbol with that sweet "synergy" vibe. The result? A classy circular logo rocking a violet-blue gradient and the symbols “>” and “<” facing each other forming the negative space in the circle. Adding that visual flair We didn't stop at a logo facelift. Oh no! We thought, "Hey, let's show off our IT genius with a monolith mountain!" Yup, a symbol of experience and smart

Synergi case study

The Design Bible  

Our meticulous efforts resulted in a comprehensive brand guide embracing a clean and minimalist design ethos. This guide empowers design professionals involved in Synergi’s brand development, offering clear insights into the desired visual language for engaging the end user effectively. 


Shaking up the online world

Armed with our cool logo and brand rules, we hit the website like a boss. We trimmed the fat, kept it short and sweet, so visitors get all the juicy info pronto. And guess what? Our story? It's one for the books. We're talking more clients, more business, and a sweet spike in revenue. Synergi is on fire!

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