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About Synergi

Synergi is a Swedish Design and Innovation company, providing a full range of Digital Consulting & Product Development services. 


Main challenge   

The biggest challenge was to create a consistent design and branding that will incapsulate their vision in mission in the right way. We started by redesigning the logo, from which we derived all other design direction, including the branding, social media, and a new website.  


The Process  


With the logo, the idea from the start was to incorporate an IT symbol with the meaning of the word “synergy.” The result is a combination of a circle with an elegant violet and blue gradient and the symbols “>” and “<” facing each other forming the negative space in the circle. 

We also wanted to create a key visual that will reflect the seasoned IT co-founders of Synergi. This was done by using a monolith mountain as a symbol of experience and knowledge.

We have built a brand guide with clean and minimalistic design, in order to help any design professional working on the branding of Synergi get the idea of how the brand should visually communicate with the end user.

Using the newly designed logo and brand guidelines, we made a complete redesign of the website, by simplifying the information on the home page, and reducing them to the most important and up to the point info, in order to keep the end user engaged and informed about the services that Synergi provides.



Reaching Milestones 

 Synergi’s success story serves as a prime example of how a company can overcome challenges and achieve growth and success, expanding its client base and securing more business opportunities, leading to a significant increase in revenue and profitability. 

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