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Development is the technical backbone of your company’s products and services.

To develop a product, software or a website that’s going to succeed in the digital marketplace, you need more than just good development. You need to work with a solutions partner who understands how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Are you ready to stand out in the crowded online world?

Piksel isn’t just a digital agency; it’s your solutions partner. Whether you’re looking to develop software, a website or a mobile application, we speak your programing languages and are ready to offer the solutions you need to take your business to the next level.  

Don’t take our word for it. Scroll down and discover our portfolio of client success stories.

Building a Robust App to help Zipistream Nurture Podcast Influencers

Every subscriber-based platform knows that it’s all about the user experience. When Zipistream came to us with the goal of making it easier for podcast influencers to gather more subscribers and foster direct email communication with them through the platform, we knew we were embarking on a very ambitious project. For Zipistream’s development, we focused on creating the Marketplace page which is crucial to podcasters as this is where they showcase campaigns to gather leads and earn through PayPal, while harnessing the power of ReactJS and Node.JS to ensure a seamless and robust user experience.

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Voilà. A State-Of-The-Art App for an Authentic Dining Experience

Faced with the restrictive challenges of Covid-19 that resulted in staff shortages, restaurants needed a solution to cater to customers’ appetites safely and responsibly, to keep their businesses afloat. We recognized this demand and gap in the market and came up with an original idea for a game changing app that allowed customers contactless, effortless and worriless dining. Faced with multiple challenges such as customer identification, payment processing, and synchronizing external orders from the POS platform, we successfully created solutions that ensured seamless functionality and an enjoyable user experience without endangering either staff or customers.

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Developing a “Sweet” New Website for Stark’s Cooking Chocolate - Menaz

You can’t say no to chocolate! For over 100 years, Stark has produced some of the most loved chocolate products in the region, so when they asked us to redesign the website for their famous cooking chocolate Menaz, we got to cooking immediately. We designed and developed a website that not only showcased the products, but also added everyday value to customers through a variety of chocolate dessert recipes that were made available to them. Soon after, we developed a mobile app called Volim Poslastice (I Love Treats) to go along with the new website. The app featured many tasty recipes, video cooking tutorials, and even an option for users to create an account and save their favorite recipes.

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