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You never get a second chance at making a first impression.

Design is how you make a first impression with customers, because it’s the first thing they’ll notice about your brand – does your visual identity look good, do they like your website and is it user friendly?

Do you want to design a visual identity that will convert online visitors to loyal customers?

Piksel isn’t just a digital agency; it’s your solutions partner. Whether you’re looking to visually rebrand, design a completely new identity or a new website people will love, we got your back.  

Don’t take our word for it. Scroll down and discover our portfolio of client success stories.

Designing a Slick Brand and a Visual Identity for Synergi

Synergi, the Swedish powerhouse in design and innovation were looking for a visual facelift – they wanted a new brand and a fresh, new look. Our challenge was to achieve “synergy” between the brand’s narrative and its visual identity by reaching the creative sweet spot – the balanced combination of colors, symbols and visual elements that would show off their IT genius.

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Designing a User Experience to Help Zipistream Nurture Podcast Influencers

Every subscriber-based platform knows that it’s all about the user experience. When Zipistream came to us with the goal of making it easier for podcast influencers to gather more subscribers and foster direct email communication with them through the platform, we knew we were embarking on a very ambitious project. We harnessed the power of our creative juices, problem-solving skills and experience in developing cutting-edge digital solutions to design an incredible web app that ensured a seamless and robust experience to  Zipistream’s end users.

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Visual Storytelling to Educate the Public on the Importance of Pension Savings

How do you make a future issue relevant today, so the audience will be motivated to take immediate action? Our client Sava Penzisko wanted to educate the public on the importance of saving for their pension funds, and this is where we came in by using the art of visual storytelling to convey the message that pension saving isn’t like running a sprint race – it’s like running a marathon, and running a marathon requires timely and disciplined investment. We designed and executed an integrated marketing campaign that included videos and visual designs that resonated with the public and achieved amazing results.

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Creating Stories that Expose the Truth for Radio Slobodna Evropa

In a world of filtered truths, finding honesty can be rare. If we’re exposed to fake, unreliable news every day, how do we know who to trust?  
We find that one truthful friend who tells it to us straight, who doesn’t hold back no matter how inconvenient the truth is and who values transparency above all else. “That one friend” comes in all shapes and sizes, and in this case it came in the shape of Radio Slobodna Evropa’s Newsletter as the ultimate truth bearer who is always transparent, no matter how ugly or inconvenient the truth is. For the purpose of this campaign, we partnered with influential people in different segments, well-known experts and leaders associated with freedom of speech and high ethics to weave an original narrative and create a unique visual identity.

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