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Have you ever stumbled across a brand online that you’ve instantly fallen in love with?

That’s the power of digital marketing – the art and science of creating engaging online content, reaching the right people, and converting them into loyal customers. It’s the difference between digital mediocracy and digital maturity.

Do you want to achieve digital maturity?

Piksel isn’t just a digital agency; it’s your solutions partner. Whether you’re looking for an enthralling social media campaign or a robust digital advertising strategy, we got your back.  

Don’t take our word for it. Scroll down and discover our portfolio of client success stories.

A Cocktail of Activities for Badel 

Given the nature of our client’s industry, we crafted a specialized strategy for BTL promotions that boosted brand visibility and brand awareness significantly. During the summer season over 60 promotions nationwide were orchestrated, ranging from festivals and concerts to nightclubs, beach bars, pool bars, and cafes. These events, executed by our enthusiastic and experienced team, left an impression on the audience, resulting in the distribution of 950 prizes.

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Bringing Grand Kafa Back Home 

As a nation that loves coffee, Macedonians have a rich cultural connection with Grand Kafa. However, fans were under the impression that the coffee was sourced and manufactured in the neighboring country of Serbia when in fact, it’s locally made – right here in Skopje. Our goal was to reaffirm Grand Kafa as locally produced coffee, which would make fans fall in love with it even more. We drew inspiration from the daily ritual of preparing and enjoying a cup of coffee and started on a storytelling journey with a clear mission: to reposition Grand Kafa as a locally favorite brand, with a remarkable and memorable taste and aroma that resonates with true coffee lovers.

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A Journey of Adventure and Brand Excellence with VIVAX

Vivax Macedonia envisioned an event that would not only make a lasting impact on its stakeholders but also cement its brand identity as forward-thinking and audacious. So, we produced a summer event that would regularly take place on mountain Vodnoone of Skopje’s staple locations and a popular local hiking destination. The event would celebrate the brand’s accomplishments while embodying the spirit of innovation, excellence, and adventure.

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Planting Seeds of Change for a Sustainable Future

Our journey is a testament to the power of shared dreams. Just like the trees that we plant, which take two decades to provide us with the benefit of oxygen and soothing shade, our pension takes time to flourish into a robust fund. Our mantra echoes: Засади желба, за одржлива иднина!” meaning “Plant a wish for a sustainable future!”

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Summer Vibes with Coke

Sun, fun and…business?  
While summer is all about heading to the beach and chilling with friends for some students, its yet another opportunity for personal and professional growth for others. To honor the ambitious bunch, Pivara Skopje and Coca Cola HBC came together and created Coke Summership – a summer internship and a business boot camp that helps students experience the business side of Pivara Skopje firsthand. Summer vibes, teen spirit and colorful emotions were the ingredients we chose to create the perfect Coke Summership branding that made even the idlest of teens pay attention and apply.

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