Skala and Piksel have announced the opening of a new digital marketing academy

Digital marketing enthusiasts now have a new opportunity for quality theoretical and practical education thanks to the partnership project of the leading School of Design and Technology, Skala, and the leading company in the field of digital marketing in Macedonia, Piksel. The new digital marketing academy will enable students to learn how to create and implement effective strategies for the digital promotion of brands, products, and services.

The curriculum will cover all aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, content marketing, analytics and measurement, and many other vital skills to master the profession’s challenges comprehensively. Students will have the opportunity to work on real projects with Piksel customers and receive mentoring and advice from experienced lecturers from the company.

digital marketing academy

The academy will last six months, of which three months are planned for theoretical teaching and three months for practical work. Upon successful completion of the academy, trainees will receive a digital marketer certificate and employment opportunities at Piksel or other digital marketing agencies.

Dimitar Jovevski, partner and director of business development at Piksel, said, “We are very excited about this project because we believe that digital marketing is one of the key skills for modern business. With this academy, we want to share our knowledge and experience with the new generation of digital marketers, who will be able to contribute to the realization of the vision of many companies striving for growth and greater competitiveness in global markets.”

digital marketing academy

“This morning, I passed through Maksim Gorki Street in Skopje, past the popular avenue of Japanese cherry trees that will soon color the street with their distinctive pink flowers. But we will never have the opportunity to taste the fruit of that flower. It is only a grafted aesthetic correction of the remains of wooden columns.

If I continue with a botanical metaphor, the grafting of Skala and Piksel is not just an aesthetic correction but an essential connection for juicy and tasty fruit. We reached key conclusions that we will apply in this academic program. We go scale by scale with knowledge, experience, and synergy. Cheers,” says Dejan Jolev, founder and executive director of Skala Academy.”

digital marketing academy

Skala (formerly “Jolev and the Arts”) has been operating as a School of Design and Technology for 12 years, focused on developing and implementing progressive educational programs and practices in the creative industries. With a commitment to innovation, they integrate new digital technologies and methods into the educational process, creating experiences that prepare students for the challenges of modern society.

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In 2023, Piksel marked ten years since its founding as a digital marketing agency whose creative solutions continuously attract the attention of local and regional audiences and the marketing professionals who join its team. After firmly positioning itself as a reliable partner for strategic, creative, and consulting solutions for the needs of companies from various industries, Piksel today is a full-service company that includes both digital and traditional marketing in its broad portfolio of services.

digital marketing academy

For more information and to register for the Digital Marketing Academy, visit the website or contact the Skala team at phone number 076 266 740 or by email at

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