Empowering the Digital Frontier: PIKSEL X MASIT

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, partnerships that stand the test of time are rare gems. Filip Ristevski, the visionary founder of Piksel Digital Marketing Agency, has managed to cultivate such a partnership with MASIT, the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce for Information Technology. This is how the PIKSEL x MASIT story began. 

Exclusively for this interview, Filip shares insights into the agency’s journey, the collaboration with MASIT, and his role in shaping the organization’s digital future.  

Q: Filip, can you tell us more about Piksel x MASIT journey and how this partnership evolved?  

Absolutely. Our official collaboration journey with MASIT commenced in 2019. Recognizing the shared dedication to technological advancements and innovation, we have decided to align our joint paths.  

We became proud members of MASIT and were entrusted with the significant responsibility of crafting a new digital identity for the chamber through the creation of their website. Over time, our expertise and dedication deepened this partnership, leading to joint ventures that significantly contributed to the digital landscape.  

Q: Tell us more about the projects that have strengthened this partnership over the years.  

Our collaboration with MASIT has been multifaceted. One of our key projects involves the development of a dynamic website tailored for MASIT’s current and future conferences.  

We are not just building a website. We are crafting an immersive digital experience reflecting the essence of MASIT’s events. Additionally, our team provides comprehensive digital assistance for conference presentations, ensuring that MASIT’s digital footprint resonates powerfully.  

Piksel x MASIT

Q: It’s intriguing to hear about your role in MASIT’s Board. How did that come about, and what does it mean for both Piksel and MASIT?  

Yes, since the end of 2022, I have had the honor of becoming a member of the MASIT Board. This invitation reflects their recognition of Piksel’s expertise in digital solutions. My role encompasses providing strategic insights in marketing and web development.  

Together, we have devised a long-term marketing strategy for MASIT, set to transform the organization’s public image during this board’s tenure. This involvement simultaneously enhances MASIT’s visibility and solidifies Piksel’s position in the market.  

Q: What does this partnership signify for Piksel and MASIT in the broader digital marketing and technology landscape?  

This partnership is transformative for Piksel. It solidifies our position as a pioneering company that seamlessly integrates three vital spheres: marketing, design, and development. By offering this holistic approach, we’re providing unparalleled value to our clients and partners.  

Through our collaboration with MASIT, we’re not just providing services; we’re shaping the digital landscape and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of technology and marketing. Together, we are setting new standards for excellence in Macedonia and on the global stage.  

In the digital marketing and technology field, partnerships like ours exemplify the power of collaboration. By combining our strengths, expertise, and vision, we are not only shaping the future. We are defining it.  

This partnership is a testament to the endless possibilities arising when passionate minds unite with a common purpose: to revolutionize the digital landscape, one innovative step at a time. 

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