Filip Ristevski: Our experience with the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship program

After completing the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship program, Filip Ristevski, our CEO, shared our experience in a short interview for

Could you please tell us how you discovered the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship program? 

We were aware of the program offered by Macedonia2025 through online channels a few years ago. Finally, at the end of 2021, we decided to apply for it, and we didn’t regret it. 

What prompted you to apply to the program in partnership with CESO SACO, and where did you see the need to have external consultancy? 

The idea came as a result of the global changes in the past years and the need to hear objective opinions outside the company, especially on how to scale up the business and to be able to put our business on the global market. It’s always a good idea to hear external opinions on some company processes. 

How would the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program increase the organizational capacity and improve the overall competitiveness of the company? 

We received knowledge and insights into the overall aspects of positioning our company on the global market. We focused on our strengths and opportunities while working to decrease the weaknesses and potential threats. 

Can you please outline three main benefits from the program that apply to your everyday functioning? 

  1. We determined short-term and medium-term priorities for further development and functioning of the company. 
  2. We strengthened internal processes as a basis for presenting our business to the global market. 
  3. We created new mission, vision, and organizational values as a foundation for implementing the newly established priorities. 

Why should other Macedonian micro, small, and medium enterprises apply to the Entrepreneurship Program? 

As I mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to hear opinions from someone who has experience in your working field. Especially someone who had a chance to work on a much bigger market and to share that experience with you and give you direction for your company development. Every type of help, even the smallest one, on how to be better in what you are doing or in some segments of your operations while having a minimal cost to cover for such a consultant is something that every company should use to achieve growth. Therefore, my warm recommendation to all MSME companies is to apply to the program. 

Thank you for the interview. 

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